Best Web Browser App For Android- Make Internet Experince Better.

Browsing internet on android is one of the basic need. If you have an android device then you might use internet on it. All we love to browse internet on our favorite android device. To run internet we need an app which we called asbrowser. You can find a number ofbrowser on play store(Android App Store) to browseinternet. But all of them are not good or may notsafe so today herei have listed some best browser for yourandroid device.

Top Best Browser For Android.

The below are the some best and popular must have android browser for better browsing experience.

#1. Google Chrome.

Google chrome is one of the best and trusted browser in the world. This is a product of Google and also available for PC and Computer so you can synchronize and import all your desktop data and can use them on both mobile and PC. It supports all android device which run on Android 4.0 or above.
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Main Features Of Google Chrome:

  • Fast, reliable and safe android browser.
  • Easy and friendly interface.
  • Voice search enables you to search any thing on the web by voice command.
  • Enable Incognito mode to surf internet without saving the history.
  • Import all your History, bookmarks of your PC Google chrome browser by synchronize the data.
  • Open unlimited number of tab.

#2.Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is a most popular desktop browser which is now available for android also.You can get all its desktop feature in your fingertips. It is a fast, safe and easy browser made by Mozilla for all android user. It has a lot more features and will become one of your favorite browser.
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Main Features Of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Access all website with awesome speed and smooth browsing.
  • Customize your browser with new add-on as it supports add-on/extension like our desktop browser.
  • It has latest security and privacy features which allows to use internet safe and tension free.
  • Use Sync features to bring all your Bookmarks, history, password, open tabs from your desktop browser to your android.
  • Use Reader Mode to read any web page very conveniently.
  • It is a HTML5 browser, so experience the most possibility of mobile internet.
  • Supports all android device which runs on android 2.2 or above.
   UC browser is another popular mobile browser app. It one of my favorite browser app. It may be a perfect partner for your phone. This is a very nice and simple look browser with all premium features like add-on, security concern and many more.
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Main Features Of UC Browser:

  • It has Faster Browsing Mode to make your browsing experience better.
  • Faster and organized download manager for better downloading experince.
  • Download and add add-on on UC for better access of internet.
  • Night Mode for using UC browser in night to protect your eyes in the dark.
  • Download themes, wallpaper from the UC center or use your own wallpaper to customize UC according to your choice.
  • Incognito Browsing mode to protect all your privacy. All your web history will not record in this mode.
  • Sync all your Bookmarks, history, password with your Google, Facebook or UC account to use them on other Device.

#4.Opera Mini Browser.

   Opera mini is an android browser which is consider as the fastest web browser in comparison to other mobile browser. It is Five time more faster than other. If you only browse the internet then this app is for you. You can compare its speed with other and can feel the difference. It also helps to save your data.

Main Features Of Opera Mini Browser:

  • Browse the internet Five Time Faster Than Other Browser.
  • Save your internet data Up-to 72%.
  • Speed Dial let you to keep organize all your important site at on place.
  • Log in to your Social networking site to get instant update.
  • Get all latest news at one place.
  • Browse multiple page with the Tabs.
  • Supports all android which runs on Android 1.5 or above.
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#5. Dolphin Browser.

It is another popular android browser which is comes with dolphin connects. Dolphin connects allows you to share all your bookmarks, history, password or any file from your mobile to desktop browser. It supports all major desktop browser like Firefox, chrome, Safari. All you need to do is to install the dolphin extension to your browser to share almost all file and browsing data from your mobile to desktop.
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Main Features Of Dolphin Browser:

  • Use speed dial to organize all your favorite site at one place.
  • Customize your browser with wallpapers.
  • Night mode to using browser in the dark without hurting your eyes
  • Set gesture for any of your favorite site for faster access.
  • Use sonar for voice command and search.
  • Use dolphin account for sync all your bookmarks, password, history from mobile to desktop.


   The above are some best, popular, safe and free internet browser for android. There are also some other popular browser which you can give a try. But i will suggest you to use the above five for better browsing experience. That’s all in this list, if you liked this then share this with your friends and let them also to experience the better browsing. And also share which browser is your favorite here.

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