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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Android 5.0 Lollipop - Best Features, Tips and Tricks!

Android is a most famous operating system for smartphone devices. Android has captured more than 80% of market share in  the smartphone world. As a famous one, android tries to improve its features and user experience with every new update. Android has released several updates and in every updates android has got success to win the heart of users. Recently android has released a new update 5.0 which is known as Android Lollipop. Like every update Google has also added some exciting features to this new update. So today here in this article I am going to share all those new features, tips and tricks about this new Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Features that you should know

All Best Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

The below are the some best and little known Android 5.0 lollipop feature

#1. Tap and Go

If you are moving to a lollipop device without upgrading, then you gonna love this feature. This Tap and Go feature is helps you at the time of initial setup. With the help of this feature you can transfer your all data from your old android device (android 4.1 or above) to your new device via NFC. 
android 5.0 features

Just place your old phone and new phone side by side and let the NFC to transfer your data from the old phone to the new one over the Bluetooth. You can also backup your apps along with app data, that's mean you can continually run your app like before.

#2. Play Flappy Bird Game

As you know Google has a habit of adding ester egg on every update of android. Lollipop has also this feature but with some more. This time Google has added a whole game to this new sweet of android family.
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Play Flappy Bird Game

To play the game go to the Settings > About Phone > tap on the Android version 4 times quickly. Then you will unlock the easter egg. Now tap and hold the Lollipop icon to play the Flappy bird game.

#3. Restore Your Background App Even after Reboot.

Multitasking is a great feature of modern phone. With this feature we can use multiple app at a same time. This time Google has taken this feature a step forward. Now with this new update we can restore or use the background app even after restarting the device.

Android lollipop look and features

Al your background app will remain same even after reboot of your device. Press the recent app button from your lollipop device and you can find all the background app that was running before the restart. Isn't awesome?

#4. Guest Mode

You may know that android allows multiple user account for tablet users for a while. This guest mode is just like that which is now also available for smartphone user. Actually, it is not like the previous one, this has some more feature.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Guest Mode

Now give your phone anyone without having the tension of getting your setting changed or worry about your privacy. As an admin of that phone you can restrict the use of guest as your choice.

#5. Screen Pinning

After guest mode this is another great privacy feature available on Lollipop. With this feature you can pin any app to the home screen and the person who is  using your phone can't use any other app other than the app you pinned. This feature is really helpful when you want to share your phone with someone, but don't don't want to give the authorization to entire phone. Check the below video for understand this feature more easily.

Video by- Droid Life

#6. Search in Settings

Google tries to give a better user experience for all its android users. This is a complete new feature to this new version of android. With this new Lollipop you can now also search in settings. This is quite handy when you are searching some settings, but don't know where will be it.

Search in Settings- ANdroid 5.0 Lollipop

Open settings from the menu, then click  on the search option (Small Magnify glass icon) from the top right side to search in settings.

#7. Notification

Notification bar is a great feature to access some quick settings, notifications of apps and much more. This time with android lollipop Google has redesigned the notification tab with new looks and features. To open quick toggles you need to swipe the notification bar twice. When you swipe the notification bar for the first time you will see only notifications like messages, or any other app notification. When again you swipe it down, then you can see the quick toggle setting. If you think it little tough then you can swipe with two fingers to open the quick toggle settings.

If you are fed up with some apps notification, then you can disable notification for that app. Disable notification is also easy. Just log press on the notification, then click on the setting from where you can disable notifications.

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Now you can also view your notifications directly on the lock screen and also can access that notification directly. Though it is a great feature, but some of user may not like this feature for the privacy purpose. But thanks to Google android team, they also care your privacy. That's why they also added option to disable notification from the lock screen. To disable notification from the lock screen follow the simple steps- Settings > Sound & notifications > When device is locked > Don't show notifications at all.

#8. Battery Saver

Can you imagine a mobile PHONE WITHOUT BATTERY? I know your answer is NO. Today in this growing technology everything has changed in the smartphone industry, but the battery technology remains same. That's why every smartphone user going through a quick battery drain problem. Google considers it and tries to improve the battery backup by introducing project Volta.
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Improved Battery Backup- Android 5.0 Lollipop

Project Volta is an OS based battery saver feature that helps to improve the battery performance by 90 min. Isn't cool? This project, Volta not only helps you to improve battery performances, it also helps to charge the phone quickly than before.

#9. Priority Mode

This is a complete do not disturb feature from android. This feature lets you to set notification according to your need. When you press any volume button (Up or Down) it will show you three options eg. None, Priority, All. If you choose All then it will block all notifications. If you choose None then all things will be remain same.
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Priority mode Android Lollipop

But when you choose priority, then you can set the app from which you want notification. For example, if you choose to call only, then it will notify when there is a call. You can also set  a time limit of that mode, after that it will automatically move to normal mode.

#10. Flashlight

Flashlight! Is this a feature? Well, if you are asking this now, then let me say that flashlight is one of the most important things that you may need when you are in trouble at night. Though there is a number of flashlight app that we can download from the store but still we don't. That's why Google has included built in flashlight feature.

Flashligh features of Android Lollipop

To access Flashlight, simply slide down the notification tray with two fingers. Here in the quick toggle settings you will find a flashlight option. Tap on it to active flashlight.

Final Word

It seems that Google tries to do the best to make Android lollipop success. Apart from the above 10, it has also some more features like tap to wake up and much more which really makes android 5.0 lollipop very interesting. I think you have liked this article related to Android lollipop and very much clear about this new android update.

Don't forget to share this article with your friends and circle and let them know about its features, tips and tricks. So which feature you liked most about this new update? Let me know your thought in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Must have android apps 2014 and 2015 Free![Top Best]

In this smartphone world android devices are trending and most of the smartphone users use android smartphone. The reason behind android success is its simple and effective user interface, affordable price point and also its app store. You can find a number of android apps on its official app store (Google play store) from different category which you can download and use. Among them all apps there are some most useful app that every android user should install on their smartphone in order to get better access to these digital worlds. Are you started searching for must have android apps? If yes, then just read this article full because i have searched over a few weeks and find out some must have android apps which i have listed below.

Must Have android apps for Android

The below are the best apps that a smartphone user should use for day to day life. There are a number of apps are developed and published each day, but i am sure the apps i am going to share here are will  best even for the upcoming year 2015. So here is a list of must have android apps 2014 and 2015 that you can get for free.

Top 10 Best Must Have Android apps for Android.

AVG antivirus

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day and most of cyber criminals are attacking smartphone as stealing or hacking a phone is easier than computer. So securing smartphones are also becoming essential like a computer. There are a number of security apps available on play store to protect your android device, but they are paid apps whether AVG antivirus provides a free and complete protection to android.

most popular android apps

Apart from scanning files and virus it can also use to track your lost or stolen android phone. There are also some premium features like App Backup, App lock but, to use them you need to pay some money.


In this day to day life we usually come across  a number of new words and that time we need a dictionary to find out the meaning. But it is not possible to carry out a dictionary with us everywhere. Then what is the solution? The solution is a dictionary app that we can carry with us everywhere. Merriam-Webster is one of the trusted dictionary which is now available as an application.

must have apps for android

You can check the definition of a word, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences and much more. You can search word by voice which is very useful when you don't know the spelling of a particular word. This app is available at Google play store for free.

UC Browser

In this growing digital world we all depend on the internet, thus carrying a good browser is a most important thing to complete some important task while travelling. While coming about web browsers, then there are some good apps available on the web. UC browser is one of the most popular android apps because of its some wonderful features.

must have android apps 2014

UC browser is a smooth and easy to use browser with some extra features like QR code scanner, add blocker and much more. I personally use UC browser and also advise others to use. If you are searching for some more browser for android then read this article- Best web browser app for android 2014.

MX Player

MX player is a must have apps for android device. As a smartphone user, you must have some videos or movies stored on your device which you can play on MX player. MX player is much better than android default video player and also a most popular apps in media player category.

cool apps for android

MX player has some cool features like Multi core decoder, pinch to zoom in or Zoom out, subtitle gesture etc. Most of the device review maker use mx player to check the video playing ability of a device.

ES File explorer

Recently, one of my friends brought a Motorola moto G 2nd generation smartphone and I found that there is no file manager to access the SD card or even the phone storage. Then I started to search and got to know that most of android device doesn't come with a pre install file manager app. In that case ES File Explorer may help you to access your SD card and phone storage data.

cool apps for android

ES File Explorer is not a simple file manager, its an advance file manager which comes with some extra features. Along with SD card and phone storage you can also manage your cloud storage file like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sky drive, sugar sync etc. ES File Explorer also comes with a built in app manager features where you can install, uninstall apps, can create backup and also can share your installed app with your friends.

Mobile Backup & Restore

As human we all make mistakes, and in this techy world deleting data mistakenly is a big problem. Though there are some tool that may get back your data, but it is better to backup them before. Mobile Backup and Restore app is a great app to backup your contacts, call history, text messages and also your files.
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top must have android apps

Mobile Backup and Restore is developed by Trend micro which is known for its trusted security service. This app is a free app which allows only 50MB storage to backup which is enough if you want to backup only your call history, contact and messages. If you want some more space then you can upgrade it to 5GB by paying a small fee of around $1.

Google Translate

Google translate is a great app that helps break language barriers and let everyone to communicate with everyone. Google translates supports around 80 languages from all over the world.

top rated android apps

With Google translate app you can translate words with over 80 languages. You can speak, type or even can take a picture to translate. Another great thing about this app is you can use this app without internet connection, this feature is great when you are out of your home.

WPS: #1 FREE Mobile Office App

We most of the time depends our computer or laptop to open or view office documents file like PDF, PowerPoint, Word or excel sheet. A desktop is good, but what if there is no computer around with you? There is an app called WPS mobile office app that can help you to view or create office documents from your smartphone.

top rated android apps

WPS is one of the top rated android apps with 300 million happy users. With the WPS mobile office app you can view or edit or can create PowerPoint presentation, word document and excel sheet from your mobile. PDF file also can view with this app.


Reading your favorite blog, news and all other online content have become a part of our daily schedule. This internet is filled up with such a great article and contents that are really matters to you. Feedly is a unique app that lets you to read your favorite blog, news and other online content on the move.
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Every site and blog has rss feed and Feedly use this rss feed to serve you the news or blog post to read. You just need to add the RSS feed of your favorite site and you are ready to read them anytime anywhere. Feedly also helps to find the YouTube channel for you according to your interest. You can also link your social profile like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and much more with this app to share what you read with your friends and family.


Facebook is a best social site to share and join peoples from all around the world. Here we can share our thoughts, photos, chat with others and much more. Facebook has its official Android app that allows user to use Facebook on android without loosing its quality experience.

Facebook Android apps APK

To chat with your friends on Facebook you need to install Facebook messenger app on your android. This is also a great app with great experience.


This is it, you have reached to the end section of this article regarding Must have android apps 2014 and 2015 Free! And I hope you liked it. The above mentioned app are really very helpful and honestly, I use most of them in my day to day life. SO what you think about these must have android apps ? Let me know about your most used apps in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Top 10 Sites To Play Games Online for free without Downloading

Playing games may be one of the best way to take breaks from our day to day busy schedule and to take relax from the tensions. We can play games on various devices like our android, iPhone, Play Stations and much more. There are a lot of websites where we can download games that suits our needs. But when we have some extra time then why waste it on downloading?? In that case online gaming sites help us, where we can play thousands of games by just some click. Another best thing about online games that you will not bore here as it provides a large collection of games from where you can choose your category and play. There are a huge number of online game playing sites, but not all are best, here I have listed so sites to play games online for free.
The below are the best sites to play games online for free without downloading. Here you can find thousands of games on all categories including Action Games, Arcade Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, and Sports & Racing Games, etc. Check below for the list of Top 10 Sites To Play Games Online for free without Downloading.

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Top 10 Sites to Play Online Games Free

Addicting Games

Addicting Games is a popular game site in the USA  which is powered by kids TV channel Nickelodeon. This site adds two dozen of new games every week. All the games you will find here are submitted by game developers from world wide. Play Games online for Free
As the name of this site the all games are addictive also. Here you can play games in various categories including Strategy, Car, Shooting, Sports, Action, Puzzle etc. You can directly play games without registering. But i think you should register here to track your scores and also challenging your friends on a particular game.


MiniClip is one of the leading site to play games free online. Most of the game found on Miniclip are original and only available at this site. Here you can play almost all types of games like Action, Shooting, Stunt, adventure, sports and also 3D games. Play Online Games for Free
Registration at MiniClip is not compulsory, but registration will let you to track your score, ranking and creating an avatar at MiniClip. Here you can also create a league, where you and yo friend can compare scores and ranking.

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POGO is another great site to play online games free! Here you can find some simple but addictive games. You can also play games from various categories like Puzzle, card, board, Casino, Word games Arcade games etc. games for free without downloading
Registration at POGO is not compulsory, but if you do you so, then you will get some extra benefits like you will enter into a prize draw, you can store your and track your game status and also can join with Facebook.


Kongregate is another great place to play games for free online. It has a ten thousand plus games from various categories including Action, Adventure, Racing, Shooting, puzzle games etc. Just choose your category and play.
kongregate to play play online games free
Registration here also not mandatory, but if you register, then you can track your score, can participate in chat and forums and also can collect badges.


Candystand is a website to play free games online. Here you can play tons of games from different category, including Arcade, sports, Card, Puzzle, Racing and some more.

play games online for free
This site is also known for its reward. Candystand give way ton of prizes to win when you reached to the top of the score for several of their games or trade.
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FOG stands for Free Online Games. FOG publishes some high quality games to play for free. They have huge games to keep entertaining any person, whether a kid or a mature person. Here you can play games from various categories including Bike, action, car, shooting, defence, arcade, puzzle, sports and many more.
play games free online
Registering on this site is free and not mandatory. But registering will let you enter into the chat room and also let you view history etc.

Armor Games

Armor Games is a huge collection of games that you can play at anytime for free. Every day new games are also added to this site which is enough to attract gamers from all across the globe. Some popular games of Armor Games are Action, Adventure, Arcade, Shooting, Puzzle and Skill games.
Play games online for free without downloading
The armor also develops mobile apps and games which you can download and play when you are offline. You can register Free at Armor Games. And registration here means less adds, ability to create your own favorite list, join the community and much more.

B Games

B Games is another best site to play online games for free. All the games are interesting and addictive too. B Games provides games of several categories including Car, Shooting, Racing, puzzle, action, sport, girls games and hundreds more.
Best Sites To Play Games Online for free without Downloading
B Games add more games daily to get you the taste of latest games. You can also download games for offline play. However B Games don't allow registration.


NewGrounds is one of the largest online flash gaming portals. Here you can get number of online games that you can play for free. NewGrounds offers games from different genres like Action, Adventure, Puzzles, Gadgets, Skill, Sports etc.
games online to play

NewGrounds also offers Animations, Audio, Movies and Art etc. Registering here is free and optional. But by registering you will get access to join its forums, check your rank etc.
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Yahoo! Games

Yhoo Games is a great place to play online for free. You just need to sign in with your Yahoo account to play games.
Play Games Online for free without Downloading

You can play games from different genres including Arcade, Action, Board, Card, Casino, Puzzle, Strategy and some more.


So, guys these are my list of Top 10 Sites To Play Games Online for free without Downloading. All the listed sites are popular and most used site by the game lovers. Most of the site that I have shared in this article do not require any registration for playing games. But I recommend you to do register here as they offer some extra features to the registered users.

I hope you liked this article regarding best sites to play games online for free. Do share your thoughts and experience with us in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Top 10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Watching movies are the best way to refresh our mind and body from the daily busy schedule. But now in this computer and smartphone world everyone prefer to watch movies at home, because it gives us the freedom to watch any movie that we like. Watching movies at home mean searching for a movie then downloading that and then watch which is a very time consuming task. In this case "Online movie streaming sites" will help you to watch your favorite movie in just second.

Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Movies Online.

There are number of sites available on the internet that offers to watch movies online, but the problem is some of them charge you for watching and some has not so much movie collection. In this situation finding a best sites that offers you the wide range of movie collection and also for Free is very difficult task and some time it may leads to frustration. So in order to make your online movie streaming better here i have listed some best free online movie streaming sites to watch your favorite movies online.
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Best Sites To Watch Movies Online


Streaming-Movies is the best site to watch movies online.

Streaming-Movies is one of the best place to watch all latest movies online. This is a fast growing movie site and increasing its database by adding movies everyday. All movies here are available in HD to give you better user experience. You can browse movies by year and category which is a good feature to find a movie easily. Another great feature of this site is you can watch movies on any device that supports flash Player.


JustMoviez Is one of the best site to watch movies Online

JustMoviez is a popular streaming websites where you can watch popular movies and TV series without registration. You can browse movies by movie names, genres, latest movie which ensure you to find a movie without spending much time. JustMoviez don't host any videos, it provides a real link to watch movies any videos and TV series within a click. It also gives full details, feedback and rating of any movies.


NyooTV is the best place to streaming movies online

NyooTV is a wonderful website to watch Movies, TV shows, Online music, upcoming movie trailers, video songs, Bollywood events show and much more. Here you can watch Bollywood, Hollywood movies. You can also watch Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Bengali movies here for free! All the movies and videos available here are on HD to give you better movie experience.


vumoo is one of the best free online streaming sites

Vumoo is one of the best online movie streaming sites. Its clean and simple design makes it more handy to search and watch any movies online. You can search movies by Title, actor and genres which ensure to find your desire movies. Its another best feature is its endless scroll you just need to scroll down and the new movies will come up.

Viewster Best online movie streaming sites
Viewster has a large collection of movies which you can watch for free. Other than movies you can also watch popular TV series and upcoming movies trailers. It offers various category of movies like Actions, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Bollywood and much more. You can watch movie directly as it don't requires login or signup.

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iMovies Tube

iMoviestube To Watch movies online

iMoviesTube is well known for its ultimate HD movies. It provides all genres movie like Action, comedy, drama, Hindi, Horror, Romance and much more. It doesn't requires any registration, all you have to do is select your movie and its ready to roll. 


MovieTv4u is one of the best sites for online movie streaming

MovieTv4u is another best site to watch movie online free. Here you can browse movie through its category like Action, Comedy, Adventures, Drama, Horror etc. You can also read the comment, review and also can leave a comment for a movie.

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Los Movies

Los Movies has a huge collection of movies and popular Tv shows, and also updating its database everyday. You can watch movies of any country, as it has almost all country's movie and TV series. Just simply choose your country, then your movie and you are ready to watch. You can also watch movies on your iPhone, Android and windows device.


TubePlus is a better site to watch Online Tv series

TubePlus is famous online TV shows site. Here you can watch almost all famous and popular TV series. You can also watch movies here, TubePlus has a big collection of old movies. If you are one of them who love to watch old movies then Tube Plus is for you.

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TVMuse to watch online movies

TVMuse is simple site to watch movie, popular TV shows, Anime, Documentary etc. You can search movies by alphabetically.

The above are the 10 Best site to stream movies online, Still there is some more site that allows you to watch movies online for free.

Other Best 15 Sites to Watch Movies Online Free



This is my list of Best Free online Movie streaming sites which allows you to watch your favorite movies online. Most of them don't need any types of signup or register to watch movies, just select your movie and its ready to roll. So how you like this list? share your thoughts with us in the comment box, you can also add some more sites that you think i left.
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Save Money While Shopping Online With some Browser Extensions.

Online shopping are trending no a days. Everyone who use internet are preferring online shopping than offline as it gives us the freedom to choose best product at one place with some great discount and offers. There are some major shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Homeshop18 and much more which are attracting more buyer due to their daily deal, price cut. However while we decided to buy any product online then we start searching for different sits in order to find great deal in a low price which is really very irritating things for everyone(i don't know what about you but i feel very irritate ;) ).

You can also use some price comparison sites like Junglee, Mysmartprice or so on to compare price for a particular product but every time visiting this sites my be pain. So to solve this problem i have here some browser extensions with me which will do all research for you and will suggest you the best deal.
Save Money While Shopping Online!
Image Credit-

Browser Extensions To Find Out Best Deals.

Since while i listened about such extensions, i started using different extensions on very different sites and i found only four extensions as helpful which are listed below.


PriceKart is a Google chrome extensions that add three buttons( Price alert, Check Price and Coupons ) on the left side of product page of all leading shopping sites, which is very useful to find out best deal at one place. The work of three buttons are different and also very useful.
Price Alert Button- This button adds the product to your watch list and sends you notifications while that product's price got down. 
Price Kart The best browser extension to find out best deal online.
Check Price Button- This button shows the price of that product on other leading sites and also gives you the direct link to buy that product. This button is only used to compare price of a product on different sites.
Coupons Button- This is very useful button of PriceKart extensions. This buttons shows the online shopping discount code for that product or the shopping portal you are on.

Another great feature of this extension is the discount at checkout. This feature shows you a apply coupons button at the point of checkout to give you the maximum discount for a particular product. PriceKart supports all leading e commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, Homeshop18, Infibeam, myntra, Jabong, bookadda and many more which makes it more usable to find and compare price to get a better deal.

2.Compare Hatke

This is another great extension like PriceKart to compare product at one place. This extension is provided by BuyHatke a price comparison site which supports more than 70 e-commerce site. Whenever you visits any product page of any shopping portal you will see a bar on the top showing best deal of that product. You can also see a buuton as compare price which shows the price of that product on others site.
BuyHatke browser extension to find Great Deal While shopping Online.
It also add two button "Price Too High? Watch Price" and "Compare" below the price of that product. The fist button adds that product to your watch list and notify's you when there is any price drop for that product. The second button takes you to the BuyHatke's site where you can compare price of that product with all other sites. This extension also shows an "Apply Coupon" button during checkout like Price Kart. When you click on this button it shows you some coupons code to make sure that you save maximum.
This extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.


This extension named after the hindi phrase which can be translated as "Penny Pincher". As name suggest it is a money saving way which works like PriceKart or BuyHatke do, but has little features in compare to the both. This extension is simple and fast loading which enables you to use it on a slow connection too. 
MakhiChoose browser extensions to compare rice of different shopping Portals
This extension add a button at the left corner of the products, while we click on this button it shows the price for that product on others site.  If this extension found some better deal anywhere else, then it adds a line of text below the price as"Lower price found! Click on tag at the screen border to see..". MakkhiChoose supports all major shopping portals including amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, shopclues, infibeam, naaptol, saholic, myntra and much more. You can use this extension to both of you Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

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4. Kanjoose

Kanjoose is the browser extension work like MakkhiChoose, and helps you to find some great deal at lower price as can. When you visits any product of page of any leading e-commerce site then you will see a small button at the left side of your screen. Now click on this button and you will find the price of that product on other leading site.
Kanjoose- Browser extension to get online deal at best price
If this extension found any site have less price than the current site then it shows in green colour text and agin any site has more price than the current site then it shows in red colour text. This extension is only available for chrome browser.


Well here is the end for this article, and i think the extension i listed here is worth to save and find a great deal for all online shopping lovers. This above extensions will surely make you feel as a bargain shopping and help you. Liked it? if yes then just share this with your friends because sharing is caring :)
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