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Best Alternatives Of Google Play Store to Download Android Apps in 2014.

Are you searching for an alternatives of Google play store then you are at the right place. Here today i am going to share some great alternatives of Google play store to download android apps. Now you may think that why you need other app store while you can download all apps from its official store(Google Play Store). Your thought is right, we can download apps from play store. But still there is some strong reasons to search for an alternatives of play store and some most important reason are listed below.

Why I Need An Alternatives of Play Store?

The below are the some important cause for for finding an alternative of Google play store:
  • There are many countries where Google is ban, so that the user of that country are unable access Play store. 
  • There are also some other country where the apps on play store are limit, which is also another main reason to search for other app store.
  • Some device like Kindle, in which play store is not pre-installed which also make user to search for other app store in alternate of Play store.
  • There are also some apps that are banned on play store which you can find on other apps store.

Best Alternatives of Play Store.

Now i think you understand the reasons for searching an alternatives of play store, and this time to find out the best alternatives of play store which are listed below.

Amazon App Store For Android.

Amazon has a popular app store for android with more than 76k app. This is a well known app store for all amazon device where amazon app store is a default app store. Here you can find paid and free apps a sometimes paid apps for free. Yeh you heard right! amazon offers users to download a paid apps for free everyday.
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If you lives in USA then you can try any paid apps on your browser before paying for it(Like a test drive). Amazon also planning to move this service on other country very soon.


Getjar is one of the oldest app store for different platform like IOS, windows, Symbian, blackberry and android. I am using this app store since while i had a Symbian phone. This store is more friendly when you trays to find any particular apps because of its category and subcategory options. It has also like, dislike and comment option for each and every apps which makes it more easy to find a right apps.
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You can also get paid apps for free by its getjar gold. All you need to do is to earn some getjar gold by downloading some free, don't you think its cool.


SlideMe is the another best alternatives of Google Play Store and it is known for its quality of apps, because  each and every apps that you can find on SlideMe are tested by its quality team and then it has approved. That's mean you are very sure of its apps quality. You can filter your app search by its category and sub-category which is one more important features to search ay specific app.
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SlideMe also support multiple language and also accept many cuurency for buying paid apps.

App Brain.

This is an interesting app store due to its some cool feature. I like its search option as it let to search app according to your location, device type and your interest. App Brain also let you to download your favorite apps directly from your PC. You can also share and suggest your apps with your friends and family.
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App Brain team also provides review about apps which is also a good feature to know about the app before downloading. Downloading app from App Brain has two methods, one is via Google Play Store and another is via its own fast installer.

Opera Mobile Store

This is a app store by one of the most used mobile browser Opera. This app store provides apps for several mobile platform like Android, Java, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. It has around 200,000 apps and supports 2000+ mobile models.
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You can filter your search by its category and sub-category options.
Here are some more Alternatives of Google Play Store that can let you to download your favorite apps from Google play store:


This is in this post, here i have listed all major app store that can be a good alternatives of Android Play Store. Now its your turn to use them and also let us to know your experience while you use them. If you liked this article then do share this article with your friends and let them to know about these app store.
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Monday, 4 August 2014

7 Best Launcher For Your Android : Smartly Customize Your Android!!

Android is one of the best Mobile OS in the world and there is the a number of reason. One of them is the customization of your phone. In android you can customize every part of your android by some app which is called as launcher. You can give different look to your android by using such launchers. You can find thousands of launcher app on the Google play store which you can download and use but the main problem is that we don't know which one is good and which one is not. So today i have sorted out 7 launcher app for your android which are listed below.

7 Best Launcher For Android!

The below are the list of best launcher app for android which you can use to customize your android according to you.

#1. Nova Launcher.

Nova launcher is one of the highly customizable android launcher available on the play store. You can customize the launcher according to your need and requires. This launcher replace your stock android launcher with your own customizable launcher.
Nova launchers also supports OK Google, which is the great features. You can search and find anything on the phone or web by just saying Ok , Google. This launcher also helps you to make your android faster because this launcher is highly optimize for quick response.
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There is also a Prime version available for Nova which has some more extra features than its free one.

#2. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is also a fantastic launcher for android like Nova launcher. This launcher has the ability to be a permanent launcher for your mobile instead of your stock android launcher. It has all the features to customize your home screen. This launcher is also made for better access for your phone and according to me is one of the best launcher that makes the phone smooth and smoother.
There is also some extra features like Tablet mode, Hide app, home screen gesture(like-Pinch in, Pinch out, Double tap etc.), backup/restore setting data etc. which makes it more useful. You can also buy a pro version of this launcher which gives some more extra features than the free one.
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#3.Yahoo Aviate Launcher.

Yahoo Aviate launcher is an awesome launcher that i have seen ever. You can called this launcher as a smart launcher, this the only launcher that simplifies your mobile by auto category of all your installed app according to your usages and location.  For example- If you are at a stadium then it will show you the apps are related to sports. Like that if you are at a gym then it will show the Fitness related app. The smart feature of this app also suggest you app that's are not installed in your phone but should be their according to your location and work.
Aviate launcher has some other features like smart and simple home screen which changes according to your location and time. It has also a feature called as favorite people which you can access by swiping up through the home screen.
I had used it for around two days and this works fine. There is also problem with this app like- it drains your battery little faster and i found this app as little laggy too.
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 #4.Next Launcher.

While we are talking about best launcher then how we can underestimate Next launcher? This is one of the coolest 3D launcher available on the Google play store. You can customize its icons, can add gesture also can add animation to this launcher. Overly this is one of the highly customizable android launcher.
Next launcher is available for 30days trail only, if you liked the app then you can upgrade to its premium version by paying some amount.
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#5.Facebook Home

As a Facebook user i have installed Facebook on my android and i open it at-least of two times a day. This is not only my habit almost every Facebook user have Facebook app on their phone. What if this Facebook status come into your phone's home screen? i know it will help you much more than normal. By taking this thing in mind Facebook has launched a new app called as Facebook Home for Android user as a launcher to be up to date with Facebook on the home screen of the launcher.
Facebook Home has some more important features like live lock screen including Time, Date, weather and phone notification. Currently Facebook Home is only available to certain device, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, HTC First, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and HTC One. As the restriction of device compatible any one can't use Facebook home on their android. If you want to install Facebook home on your device then read this article, this may help you.
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#6.Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is one of the highly customize launcher, where you can download and apply shared home screen from its store. All the home screen available on the buzz launcher are created and shared by its user/ Actually you can also design and share your own home screen(Available for android 4.0 or above)
Make your task quickly by using its simple gesture features. Its smart feature also suggest you to download popular apps that are not installed on your phone. Buzz launcher is one of the most downloaded android launcher with lots of feature. So make sure to download and give a try this app.
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#7.ADW Launcher

ADW is also a popular customizable launcher like Buzz and Nova launcher. You can customize every aspect of your phone using this launcher app. You can download thousands of skins and themes to make your phone's look different. This launcher supports on android 1.6 and above.
This app has every important feature that should have in any launcher. You can also buy ADW Launcher EX from play store by paying some money which has some more extra feature than the free one.
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If you one who loves to customize your phone with different look then the above launcher are for you. Here i have listed 7 launcher means a new launcher on every day of a week. So which one you going to install? share with us. If you have any other best launcher and that you think i missed then let me to know by commenting here. You can also follow TTC on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to get latest update of this Blog.
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Friday, 11 July 2014

6 Killer Tips to Drive Traffic From Facebook!

Facebook one of the best social networking site in the world, which let us to connect with our friends, family, colleagues and more across the world. We can share our thoughts, photos and also can chat all across the world. Facebook is one of the easiest way to meet people from all over the world and also let to live their life. Apart from meeting and making friends Facebook also let us to being success in this blogging world. The perfect use of Facebook may help anyone to drive more and more traffic to their blog or website. Here is the 6 Killer tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook.


6 Killer tips To Drive Traffic From Facebook!

The below are the some important tips that can let you to drive more and more traffic to your blog.

#1. Make sure That You have EYE catching content.

"Content is King" this is a kind of word that every bloggers are aware. A visitors open your blog to read your content in order to learn something new or that they don't know, so make sure that you have an interesting content that a reader will bound to read it full. Also make your content title short and interesting that anyone can't stop them to open your blog. Write something about that you know very well or it will not look professional. 

#2. Make it Easy To share your Content on Facebook.

 When you have an unique content that can help other then people will try to share this with their friends, or with others. So make it easy to share you content on Facebook via different widgets or plugins. There are a numbers of social share widgets that you can find by searching on Google.
Also remind your readers to share this article on Facebook by adding some reference word at the end of your article like "Do share this article with your friends and family on Facebook by the sharing button below".

#3. Create a Facebook Page.

Creating a Facebook page is one of the best way to keep your readers update. You can create a Facebook page for your blog/website and make your reader to like this page. Only creating a page is not enough for getting traffic, you have to update it regularly with latest feed's and post that you have recently published on your blog. Also add a Facebook like box on your blog and let your reader to like your page from your blog directly.
You can also like others blog Facebook page and can promote your blog there.
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#4. Join various Facebook Group or Create Your own one.

Joining or creating a group is one of the best feature of Facebook for the bloggers. You can find huge numbers of group on your niche,. Just search for your blog niche like Blogging, Technology, Food, Health and can can join them.. Here you can solve others problem or also can share your latest article in order to drive traffic. You can also create your own group and can add people to that group. Doing proper use of group can drive massive traffic to your blog.

#5. Optimize Your Facebook Post.

This is an important methods to drive traffic to your blog. People love the things which are interesting, so always try to optimize your post to attract more and more readers. The below are the some important thing that you have to look before updating anything on Facebook.
  • Make Images Big- The post with image are get more engagement than the post with no image. Always make your images big and one which reflects what you are going to share. Post with image are more chance of getting more like, comment and share than simple one. 
  • Make Your Update Short- This is another tricks of optimize your post for driving traffic. Always try to use little text on Facebook while updating something. A little text can attract more i catch than a long status. Also make it clear about your article.
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  • Avoid Link or  use shorten Link- Always try to avoid link from your post to make your update clear and professional. Delete your link before posting because your image are still click-able. Check The example below-
        If you want to add a big image to the post then you can shorten your link, it look clean and clear.

#6. Use Facebook Add.

Facebook adds are little expensive but it can help you to drive traffic to your blog. By using Facebook adds you can get targeting visitors from different country. If you have budgets and can pay for Facebook adds then i suggest you to use this service to target your traffic.


Facebook has around 1.28 billion user, so proper use of this largest network can drive huge traffic to your blog. But one thing keep in your mind that Facebook is meant for human so make your status update real as human and don't use it for only your promotion. So what you think about this post, was this helpful to you? Share your thoughts regarding this post in the comment section below. Don't forget share this with your friends blogger on FACEBOOK.
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How To Find CommentLuv Enable blog For commenting?

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Backlinks is an important word for all bloggers, it helps our blog to be successful. Without backlinks our blog is not anything. Many of bloggers including me blogging for earn some money from online and backlinks is the one who helps to convert our hard work into money. There are several benefits of having a quality backlinks like search visibility, traffic and much more. There are also some good way to create quality backlinks like joining various blogging community, Social media promotion and also by commenting on others blog. Commenting is one of the important factor for getting quality backlinks. And Commenting on a CommentLuv enable blog is like 'Icing on the cake'. But finding a CommentLuv enable log is a little difficult task. So here is this post where i am going to show how you can find a CommentLuv enable blog for commenting.

Why It Is Best To Comment On a CommentLuv Enable Blog?

As i said commenting on a CommentLuv enable blog is like "Icing on the Cake". But you may ask why i am saying CommentLuv blog is best for commenting then here is the answer. The below are the some important advantages for Commenting on a CommentLuv enable blog which are enough to prove my points.
  • Get Dofollow Backlinks To your blog. In WordPress the default comment links are nofollow, but when you comment on a CommentLuv enable blog you will get a dofollow backlinks. 
  • You can use keyword as name in the name field.
  • It expose the one of your latest 10 post, which can attract more and more traffic to your blog.
  • Can get huge traffic to your blog.
  • You also get Two backlinks, one with your name and another one with your post that shows on the last of your comment.
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How To Find CommentLuv Enable Blog?

Finding CommentLuv blog was little tough task, but not now. Here i am going to show you how you can find a CommentLuv enable blog easily. This is a website or you can say it as a search engine which is developed by the people who are developed CommentLuv plugin, so there is no chance of spam. Follow the below steps to find CommentLuv blog.
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  • Visit CommentLuv enable search engine- Firstly you have to go to CommentLuv enable blog search engine to find CommentLuv enable blogs. Click Here To Visit CommentLuv search Engine.
  • Subscribe- Due to keep this service spam free you have to first subscribe to their service before using it. In the box enter Email id to subscribe and verify your Email Id.

  • Search For your Keyword- After subscribing to their service you are ready to use this search engine. Now you can see a search box, here enter your desire keyword and click search or hit enter button.
  • Choose Blog & start commenting- After entering and searching for your desire keyword, you can see a lot of results according to your keyword. Now select the blog where you want to comment and start commenting.
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 I hope this step to step tutorial on How to Find CommentLuv Enable blog for Commenting will help you for better commenting experience on CommentLuv blog. Share this article with your friend blogger and help to grow this blog. If you have any doubts, problem regarding this article then let me to know, i will glad to help you. You can also share your thoughts, view ar anything that you think can help others then share with us.
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Monday, 30 June 2014

How can i Track/Find My Lost Android Phone?

Love to use android phone? I know your answer is yes! i also love my android phone. This is a kind of device which we can get on every budgets and can do a lot thing with this. But when it comes to its physical security then there is a huge chance of getting lost or stolen. No one want to lost their android but by some different reason if our phone lost then we try our best to get that phone. Sometimes it not about the phone but for the data that we have on our device which we don't want that anyone get. In this situation you never get panic because by taking right step you can track or find your lost phone or at-least you can erase the data that you don't want that anyone knows. So here is the some important app that can let you to track your lost android phone.

Top Best App To Get Back Lost Android Phone.

Here is the some best android app that are so useful that they can track back your lost android phone.

avast! Anti-Theft

This is the first app in this category to track your lost android phone. This app is developed by Avast one of the leading computer security company. This app has a lot features that are very useful to track back your lost or theft android which are discussed below.
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Main features of avast! Anti-Theft

  • Locate and Track your lost android phone with the help of web-based mobile tracking features.
  • Control your android phone remotely with the help of web-based features or via SMS.
  • Remotely Lock/Wipe data for unwanted authorization of your data.
  • Remotely take photo's and listen the audio's surrounds the phone.
  • Stealth mode to hide the app automatically when the Anti-theft mode is activated.

Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus is another anti theft app for android with all cool features like avast. You can track the location of your phone and also can remotely control the phone both on its website or with the help of SMS. This is a free trail app for one week after that you can buy the app by paying 2.99€ or around 245 INR. This cool app has some important feature that are listed below.
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Main features of Cerberus Anti Theft App
  • Track and locate your lost phone.
  • Remotely control your phone via its website. You can also remotely control your phone via SMS.
  • Make a loud alarm which  is also very useful to track your phone.
  • Record and listen audio of the phone surrounding.


This is another perfect app for you which can help you to get back your phone. Like the above two app this one also very amazing app and also it is free. It has the ability to track the location of your lost android phone.
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Main features of AntiDroidTheft

  • View your phone's position with the help of GPS.
  • Track the changes of SIM card.
  • View the pictures taken from the phone's camera.

Wheres My Droid

This is an excellent app for lost or stolen android. This app can turn your phone ring on even if your phone is on silent mode that mean you can know where is your phone. This can also get the GPS coordinates with the link to Google map which is useful when your phone is far way from your ear to listen the rings.
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Main Features of Wheres My Droid
  • Make your phone ring(Works even on silent mode)
  • Track the location of your android via GPS.
  • GPS Flare- Location alert on Low Battery.
  • Get notification on changes of SIM card or Phone Number.
  • Password protect to prevent unauthorized app changes.
  • Take pictures with the device camera(This available on pro). 


This is the last app in this category which is also let you to find your lost android device. As the name this app also work like a PlanB. This is the single app available on the market that let you to find your phone even if you didn't installed this app. This app will remotely install on your device from google play web interface. This app will track your phone via GPS or near by Cell tower and will send a mail to your G mail id with the locations.
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This is in this post to Track or find lost android device. You can find more tracking app on the Google play store but i found the above  as best. The above apps are work finely but sometimes they may not let you to get back your phone so always keep your phone or anything that are very important for you in a secure place or handle very carefully before anything bad happen. So did you liked this article then share this with your friends, family on various social networking site and help them to find their phone back again or have any doubt then ask me on the comment section, i will glad to assist you. Follow this blog on Google+, Facebook or Twitter to get all our latest feed direct to your social profile. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get my next article direct to your mail inbox.
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